What is the best leaf blower to use to clean your gutters?

gutter cleaning leaf blower

A leaf blower can vastly improve the speed it takes when you are cleaning gutters or even helping to tidy up the backyard.

When it comes to buying a leaf blower, there are many options available. Hopefully, after reading this post you will have a better understanding of the options available to you.

Safety first

Sound protection: Leaf blowers can be very noisy, sometimes up to 95db. That is virtually as noisy as an angle grinder! Make sure you purchase a pair of high quality earmuffs before using your new leaf blower.

Also, as the leaf blower can be quite powerful, it is also advisable that you wear a pair of protective goggles and a dust mask.

Leaf blower or leaf blower vacuum?

Leaf blowers will only all you to blow the leaves into the corner. It would then be up to you to remove the debris and place it in your bin or garden, however you desire.

Leaf blower vacuums provide you with the added functionality of being able to switch the unit into a vacuum. This will then suck all the debris into the machine itself and on some models, mulch them at the same time.

The drawback of having the vacuum feature on your leaf blower is the added weight. The vacuum models will require more regular maintenance as well and are usually more expensive.

Should I use petrol, electric or cordless?

When it comes to buying a leaf blower you will typically have three main options to chose from: petrol, electric or cordless.

Petrol: This option is perfect when there are no power points nearby and you want maximum power. Portability are what it makes it popular however, one of the downsides is the requirement to mix petrol. Storing petrol can also be a safety issue and something you should consider before buying.

Electric: This can be a safe option if you will always be working near a power point. However, this can also be a drawback as the need to carry around an extension cord can be a large inconvenience. The good news is that you will not need to worry about fumes from petrol and the noise created by them is usually significantly less then a petrol model.

Cordless: This is great option when you want the best of both worlds. It is portable, quiet and requires no extension lead. One of the downsides is the extra weight, which the battery adds to the unit and power output is usually not on par with that of equivalent petrol models. Also, when the battery runs out the recharge time can sometimes take up to 4 hours.

Professional advice

We spoke with Ryan’s Gutter Cleaning, a professional gutter cleaning company based in Sydney Australia. They told us that they use the Husqvarna 525BX. Apparently it is strong and provides them with the portability they require when they are cleaning gutters on residential homes throughout Sydney.

According to them, professional gutter gleaners will always use a petrol model. That is because it is by far the most superior of the three variants when it comes to power and portability.

They never use the vacuum models because of the constant need to change the vacuum bags that can only hold a relatively small amount of debris.


Not everyone is a professional gutter cleaner and therefore, your needs and requirements may vary.

Perhaps you prefer not having the smell of petrol in your tool shed lingering around? Perhaps you don’t like the amount of noise petrol models typically make?

Your best bet would be to visit your local hardware store where you will be able to test the various models side by side.