Cheap Interior Décor Ideas

Decorating can put a big hole in your wallet. Never again. The following ideas can give you the expensive look for less.

1. Fake bricks. The new interior brick look is in. It’s very popular in cafes and restaurants all over Australia. It’s a trend that isn’t going out of style. It can be revamped to look classic and timeless. It can be very expensive and labour-intensive to install real brick indoors. The solution? Fake brick facades. What you can do to a feature wall or just regular wall is use brick wallpaper. It’s wallpaper that’s textured to look like brick walls.

2. Chalk paint. If you have wood furniture that looks worn or has vanish that is peeling, strip off the old vanish and repaint it with chalk paint. Distress it a little then wax it to seal for the country look. Top off the look with brass or copper corners. Just watch you don’t bang your legs against it.

3. Install mirrors. If you have a small space but would like to make it look bigger, adding mirrors gives the illusion of more space. A great place for a full length mirror would be on a closet door. Instead of putting up art, you can put mirrors in old repainted frames you bought from a thrift store and hang them up. If you need help installing these mirrors, call a Brisbane handyman to prevent breakages and messed up installations.

4. Fake stone. If you like the look of real stone, you can install imitation stone instead for areas in your home to make it look richer but half the price. For hiding outside columns or for a great look around your doorway, you can install partial stone facades that will last but isn’t the full price of real solid stone.

5. Marble Paper. To hide top-upgly coffee tables, you can cover it with marble paper. Just make sure you look at the instructions for proper installation. If it’s not done properly, it can look cheap. Make sure the paper matches the decor of your home as well.

6. Fake wainscoting. If you’ve inherited ugly cupboards when you’ve bought your new house, you can glue on cut up boards that are used for floorboards to make fake wainscoting. Make sure the pattern looks and is even on each side of the board. Put a border on around the cupboard doors and install the slats inside the border vertically to make the wainscoting. Use chalk paint in light colors like white and wax it for for protection. Change the cupboard handles for silver-coloured knobs or black matte knobs to finish the look.