Decorating With Glass Jars

Are you stuck with several jars from eating pickles and jam overtime? Don’t throw them out just yet! You can make your place charming by using these around your house. Here are some things you can do with your old or new glass jars that are lying around. Just make sure they’re squeaky clean before re-using them so that they don’t emit any smells or are sticky.

1. Accessories holder. If you have a large enough jar with wide opening, you can stick your pencils, pens, or paint brushes in there for storage and easy access for later use.

2. Food storage. If you’ve still got the lid, you can make your own yogurt and store them in in the jars to put in the fridge. Jars are also great to store leftovers in especially if you don’t like to use plastic containers. Dry goods can also be best stored in glass jars and sealed with the jar top.

3. Candle holders. Throw out the tops of the jars and put sand in it to keep the heat from melting the glass. Put a little tea candle in it and you won’t need sand at all because it doesn’t give off much heat. Still be careful though as it can get hot enough to burn your fingers. The candle holder jars gives you light from the candle to the full. Just spread them out around your glass balustrades and you’ll create a romantic atmosphere in your home.

4. Arts and crafts. You can paint it or glue fabric or paper to it to make little things to decorate your house with.

5. Use the jars as a vases. If they’re a regular-sized jar, you can pick a few heads of roses or tulips and cut the stems to fit nicely in the jars. Add a few long leafy greens and you have a nice bouquet. If you want to be economical at an event, you can use different sized recycled jars with flowers or candles in it as centrepieces. You can put gel, water, pebbles, or even little goldfish in it to make unique table centrepieces.

6. Gift them. If you have jars with lids that still look new, you can use them as containers for gifts. Just add a ribbon and a little note on it after filling the jar with a small gift.

7. Use them as to-go cups for drinks or salads. You can fill them with hot chocolate mix with marshmallows or instant coffee with powdered milk. Take them to work or a picnic with you. Just add hot water or hot milk and you’re set with a delicious hot drink. For salads, just put the dressing mix at the bottom. Top with your salad vegetables and pre-cooked deli meats. When you’re ready to eat it just shake it up to get the dressing all over the mix.

8. Use them as piggybanks. Make a slot big enough for paper money and coins to fit through. If you have any loose change or spare cash hanging around, just put them in the piggybank jar.