Hide Ugly Items In Your Home

Sometimes there’s no way to get around having eyesores inside or outside the home. We need certain machines like an air conditioning unit or power cords. We need not despair. If we can’t get rid of it, we just have to be creative and think of ways to hide them or even enhance their looks so that those items aren’t such an eyesore anymore. Apply the following ways of hiding or revamping necessary but ugly items in your home:

1. Ugly shelving. Tall metal rack shelves look good in commercial kitchens, not indoor ones. What can you do about them if you’re using metal shelves in your living room or bedroom? Curtain it up. Curtains not only provide great window coverage, they also can beautify a room when it hides metal rack shelving units. You can make the curtains or have it made to the right size for your shelf.

2. Ugly cords. Nowadays, they do sell thin or thick cord covers that come in tubular or rectangular form that is open on one side to cover wall hanging cords. You can cut them in different lengths depending on how long your cords are. Choose a colour that goes good with the paint or wallpaper color of your wall. If you have leftover paint, you can paint the covers beforehand before installing it to make it match your wall colors. Other power cords that run along the floor and walls can also be put in small piping that fit the cords inside. That protects and hides the cords well on the floor. If you’re wanting to stay chic, you can use baseboards or wooden crown moulding that you can specially make to have space inside to hide cords on wall-hanging TV’s or other machines.

3. Ugly appliances. Do you have tired looking appliances? Repaint the outside of them. You can try paints specifically designed for metals like stainless steel. This is great especially if there are scratches on your refrigerator. People now even get really creative by using chalk paint which enables people to write messages, notes, or even shopping lists on the fridge door. No need for paper! For parts of appliances like your air conditioning unit (the intake and fan part), you can build a nice wooden wall to hide it outside.

4. Ugly power outlets. Don’t you hate it when you have too many gadgets charging on top of your bedside drawers or on the floor? This leaves no room for coffee mugs or books you want to read with easy access. What you can do is install your power bars inside the top drawer of your bedside drawers. That will give you easy access to your gadgets as well. Just make sure there are no cords being pinched or rubbed when opening or closing the drawer.