Keeping It Simple At Home

We are living in a time that is like no other. More and more people are living a high-paced life with no time to spare. Nowadays not only are dads but moms as well who are finding work outside the home. There is a rise in single parent families. This leaves one of the parents doing two jobs. Is there extra time? I think not! How can the products you purchase in your home help free up time for your family? The more you have to fix and maintain your home, the less time you have for more important things.

Paint – The days of leaving a smudge on the wall and having to repaint the entire wall is over. More and more companies are coming out with washable paints for walls, trims, and ceilings. Families need to buy this.

Flooring – Throw the carpet away! There are so many varieties of eco-friendly flooring available today. Remember when you spilled something on the carpet? No matter what you did it seemed like that smell and stain wouldn’t come out. You grabbed the carpet cleaner, but it didn’t really work. It made the horrible smell a little bit better but more like flowery terrible smell. Get rid of it and get hardwood. If that’s too pricey, they have new laminate flooring that looks absolutely great on the floor. If you happen to spill something, just grab a rag and wipe it away.

Bench or counter tops – Granite counter tops are great. It eliminates a lot of the seams that older counter tops had. On granite, there aren’t any little nooks and crannies for the crumbs to fall into.

Bathrooms – No more trying to wedge your mop in weird places when trying to clean the bathroom. Now there are wall mounted toilets. There are also different touchless faucets that allow you to wash your hands and not leave soapy residue on the taps after. A lot of showers now are joint free. That means no more areas for soap grime to build up.

Lighting – Pot lights are great! Recessed into the ceiling or walls, lights are no longer a magnet for dust. Now there might be some places where you want a lamp. If so, try to get one without a fabric shade so it can be easily wiped clean.

Furniture – Get rid of the excess furniture. Nowadays, less is more. Buy less better quality furniture. For example, leather furniture is great. If any problems arise you can just wipe your spills away. Leather furniture might cost more in the beginning but it will save you more money long term.

Cleaning: If you’re really cramped for time, it might be better to hire a bond cleaning Brisbane company to do your major cleaning for you. That will free up precious time for your family after you get home from work and after your children get home from school.