Trump And Clinton Dominate Polls In Multiple States

It has been a long road for these two, but they have truly solidified their spot now. They have swept through five states and it has been a romp towards the finish line at this point. They took out their opponents in Maryland. Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Rhode Island (Clinton lost here though).

It has been a great time for Trump as he grows from power to power while Cruze hopes to stay alive with each growing day.

It is not easy for the others to climb back in and this new result should bode well for the candidates.

The Pope’s Surprise Earth Day Visit To Villa Borghese

Anytime the Pope makes a visit anywhere, let alone a surprise visit, it makes international news. This time it indeed was a surprise visit, and his destination was a Rome park, Villa Borghese. Yeah, he’s not much for far away surprises, is he? Still, it was Earth Day, and his surprise visit was of course a big event. The focus was of course the environment, and an Italian priest accompanied the Pope. It was mentioned that he talked about money and how he said it has become so much of a false god in this world. Isn’t that the truth.